That means I need to come up with the cash within 24 hours to add this high-end revenue stream to the product to keep the sale on schedule.I'm about to do a huge "Prosperity Penny Sale" and to make that extremely profitable for everyone I need to make a $1,750 investment, in time to get it in the product before this sale begins. You could probably market this laser-coaching for up to $100 per half hour, and more if you promote yourself effectively and the skill you offer is valued enough. You could also do very well going to an affluent section of town where many retired people live and make up a sign for your car or truck advertising your "Handy Man's Services" with your cell phone on it, and do fix-er-up things. Some of the ideas I came up with as ways for you to make $1,750 in a day? -- Make a great offer to your list. For example start with 80% for Day 1 and drop it to 55% for Day2, which will get them excited to get in fast and promote heavily the first day. When you organize your own big campaign and give people all the tools they need to make wads of cash very quickly, they'll love you for it and be there every time you call on them for the next promotion.
For example, let your JV partners know why you're motivated to give them such a high percentage for acting now to help you out, because you're doing something you believe in and need to come up with $1,750 in a day. I use that as an example to show that your reason doesn't have to be to promote a cause or support a worthy charity. What could you sell on eBay or through a local pawn shop if you really needed to? -- Roll up your sleeves and get to work. That would be about $1,000 in 5 hours' work. That got me thinking a question I'd like you to ask yourself, because anytime you post the right question to your mind, it taps into what Napoleon Hill calls "Infinite Intelligence" and the right resources and creative solutions present themselves. So have a compelling "why" - it's very important. -- Use "Your Story" to get people to support what you're doing.. You could also arrange to go into a large office for one afternoon and have employees go to you for a quick de-stressor, where the company gives you $150 an hour for your time.
Even if you do, this is still a big way to make money fast.to meet the deadline for creating the product. -- Do laser-coaching. If you're relatively unknown and yet know what you're doing, you can offset that lack of name recognition by offering a high commission to interest your joint venture partners. What could you turn into a product launch that could generate at least $1,750 in a day everyday for a whole week, or more? Notice you could also take any of these other ideas and turn them into a "service launch" where you make a much bigger splash by targeting one-day for each of these things you're doing to make the cash in one day. Four hours work, $600. Part of your success with this strategy is to come up with a compelling reason for wanting to raise that much cash in 24 hours, for example me needing to raise the $1,750 for an investment to include as a powerful resource to help people who participate PVC yoga mat Manufacturers in my upcoming product launch become more profitable. -- Do a quick joint venture with the guy or gal who does have the big list, if you don't. Even if this only drops the $1750 by a few hundred, when you do a number of things in a day, it all works together to reach the magic number. You have what Napoleon Hill calls "Specialized Knowledge" in one or more areas that would help others save time, make money, become healthier, feel more attractive, etc.. I've been an Internet marketer since 1996 and have an excellent list and reputation with my subscribers.
Explore your own answers to that question before we continue. And to get them interested - today - have a much higher percentage for sales made during the first 24 hours of your launch. What valuable service could you provide others that would pay you $50-$100 or more per shot? For example, one guy I know when he was about 15 spray painted people's street addresses on the curb in front of their house for about $12 for 2 minute's work. Or gardening, landscaping, lawn-mowing, snow plowing, almost any kind of service you do you could go around and if you can do it fast, and you've promoted it in advance such as through flyers you post in the neighborhood, a small classified ad, and even knocking on doors, you can make $600-$800 in about 10 hours, and a lot more if you do something like painting the addresses. I know people who have gone into health food stores or set up a sign in a crowded shopping area with lots of 'foot' traffic where they massage people's backs and shoulders and necks for about $10 for 10 minutes, and they do quite well. The people you approach will use your reason as a gauge to assess your sincerity, your believability and in general whether they want to help you out. -- Give back or foot massages.
Do your own product launch. By asking that question myself, "What's the most effective way for me to come up with $1,750 in one day," the answer was to create that amount, and show you how I did it, so you're able to create it, also. The question to ask yourself is this, "How would you come up with $1,750 in a day if you had to?" Asking yourself that is a great exercise to stretch your belief in what's possible for you as well as your net worth. For example, if you can make $100 from your list, that leaves you only $1650 left to make. -- Sell something valuable. How else can you make that much in one 24-hour period?
You probably have collectibles or antiques or heirlooms or even furniture or something that you could part with fast. We all want to help others out, and when we make it easy for them to profit by helping us out, it becomes a no-brainer for others to help. If you have no list or are just starting out, this might be part of a number of different things you do to make your $1,750 in a day. The templates he made up and the paint cost less than $25, and I think he said in a weekend he made about $2,500. I could make a huge difference to people doing 30-minute blocks in a row where I show them how to market more effectively or take their business online. For example my $1,750 investment needs to come from my MoneyFromAir System funds I'm using as a retirement annuity, yet if I had bought these as part of my MoneyFromAir growth vehicles, I could sell the basketball or photo or jersey autographed by Michael Jordan and/or Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. And you can make several multiples of $1,750 in a day when you prepare correctly ahead of time.



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